Are you Community minded?

Would you be willing to become a Sponsor for a month?

Hubtown Life is a small team of enthusiastic, community-minded, volunteer citizen journalists that highlight people, real everyday people. This Project is about individuals who want to give to the community and contribute to making the world a better place. A monthly Sponsor helps contribute towards the expenses involved in this project. Your contribution also allows us to not only deliver on our purpose, but to showcase that you believe what we believe. 

Our intent is to showcase positive content – all about everyday life, fun, and the people that make up our beautiful community.

We collect stories using images, audio and video to display on our Life Pages blog, on our App, as well as on our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). We meet people by just walking down the street, but also by attending events, festivals, presentations, meetings and anywhere people gather. We strive to inspire, engage, entertain, and inform you with a view of everyday life and the importance of having a sense of belonging and community.

Sponsor Benefits

We appreciate anyone who would like to contribute to this Project. So much so that we would like everyone to know. Of course if you want to Sponsor the Project anonymously, we will keep it quiet for you :)

As for letting everyone know, here are a few things we do to let our Followers know you support this Project:

On Facebook & Instagram

  • We Interview you and post the Story on our App, Website, Facebook page and Instagram.
  • On Facebook, we Pin your Interview post for the Month.
  • On Facebook we display your Logo on our Banner for the month.

On our Website

  • We provide the details of your business on our website on a "Sponsor of the Month" page.
  • We display your logo with a link on our website home page to the "Sponsor or the Month" page.

On our App

  • On our App we display your Logo on our Home Screen Footer for the month.
  • We provide the details of your Business in our App on a "Sponsor of the Month" page.
  • We provide a link on our App home screen to the "Sponsor of the Month" page.

If you are are willing to contribute, please contact us here using our contact form or give us a call at 902-986-1602.