People - 2019

Meet Catherine ~ Splendid Conversation

Is there a better way to spend time than engaging in splendid conversation? We think not! And that’s just how we felt about Catherine when we met her last week at the 100 Women Who Care event. Like us, Catherine is also energized when talking and sharing time with others. She believes that, “We live in our own little worlds with our heads down…but when you lift your head up and step out into the community…you realize there are people doing such interesting things – they inspire you to come out of your comfort zone.” She spoke so peacefully and with grace when we asked about how she felt standing in the huge room surrounded by peers, “I love learning what our community is doing…the networking, the social connections, and you get to see friends again - its so, so lovely, I really enjoy it.” We couldn't agree more Catherine. Here is to stepping out of our comfort zones, lifting our heads up and engaging in new splendid conversations.

Meet Harry ~ The Harmonica Man

So, do you remember when we introduced you to our new friends Viney, Joan and their chums? At the end of their story we mentioned a fellow in a marvelous cowboy hat and "to be continued?” Well, here is the rest of the story. After sitting down next to the marvelous cowboy hat wearing gentleman, we asked, "what's with the hat?" With a smile, Harry proudly said, "I'm a musician...I play the mouth organ as well as guitar, fiddle, mandolin and more." It was then we let him in on a little secret..."Viney told us that you play the mouth organ and that if we asked nicely, you might play us a little tune." With a huge smile across his face, his slowly reached into his pocket as we kept chatting. We soon found out the Harry's last name is Garth Brooks. So, in keeping with that spirit, he said, "I am going to play you a Garth Brooks song called ‘The Gift’.” Full of anticipation, we waited a moment for him to make that mouth organ sing and he did not disappoint. What an appropriate song choice! Harry had just given us a gift of his time, his energy and his music. Bravo Harry, Bravo!

Meet THE Reverend Valerie Kingsbury

Meet THE Reverend Valerie Kingsbury ~ Creating a Better Place for Everyone We recently attended a meeting of the 100 Women Who Care Truro at the First United Church where we were introduced to Reverend Valerie Kingsbury. Or should we say THE Reverend Valerie Kingsbury – seriously, she’s just that cool (see pic!). Sometimes when someone is so fundamentally and wholeheartedly connected to their cause, it is not possible to separate the person from their passion. This is absolutely the case with Valerie. However, as much as she is attached to her ministry, she is equally attached to her community. Our first question was about the meeting that had just ended, “Why was it important to you that the event was held here?” “Oh there’s a huge number of folks from our congregation who are part of 100 Women, including the two founders,” she happily informed us. “And also, part of our mission statement as the First United, is to make a difference in the community and to be a part of it. We see this [building] as whatever it needs to be to enhance the community of Truro and the lives of the people who live here.” Valerie moved to Truro 8 years ago. We imagine she has experienced a lot here in that time so we wondered, “What have you seen in this room that really touched your heart?” She burst into laughter, “In this room? Every week something happens in this room!” She thoughtfully continued,” There have been so many things – the year the AIDS quilt was traveling across Canada we had it on display, that was a very powerful experience. And when Ashley MacIsaac played a benefit concert here – I’ll never forget how he named this as ‘a safe place’.” Valerie’s eyes lit up when we inquired who truly inspires her, “This community inspires me and my passion for ministry and following in the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth – to live and create a better place for everybody."

Meet Viney, Joan, Judy, Muriel, Angela and Sterling

Beautiful friendships can begin in unlikely places... Last week we met Viney and Joan (we hope we’re spelling that right Viney!) who didn’t mind one bit when we decided to table-hop over and introduce ourselves. “You seem to be very good friends,” we remarked, “How did you meet?” “We met right here, and we’re not just good friends, we’re best friends!” Viney exclaimed. Joan agreed and added, “There’s actually nine of us.” The chums informed us that over the years, nine complete strangers all found each other in the Truro Mall Food Court, and those nine are now fast friends who share a love of good food, engaging conversation, and lively company. The group even makes sure to get together at least once a month for a meal or special outing. When we asked if it was ok to take their photo, Viney and Joan politely declined, but said, “you ask again when there’s more of us and we’ll see.” On this day, six out of nine seemed to be enough and what a splendid photo of sweet friends it turned out to be. One more thing…. Earlier that morning (when it was just Viney and Joan), Viney pointed out a nearby fellow who was wearing a marvelous cowboy hat. She said, “I know him, you gotta talk to him, he plays the mouth organ!” And off we went…. (to be continued)

Meet Paul & Betty ~ The Delightful Duo

There we were in the food court at the Truro Mall (again) drinking coffee (as usual) and chatting up a storm (of course!) when we saw a friendly looking man sitting nearby who seemed kind of lonesome. When we stood up to leave we gave him our best cheery hellos and struck up a conversation. Paul was his name and it turns out he was sitting tight “waiting for the Mrs to finish shopping.” It wasn’t too long before the Mrs (a.k.a. Betty) returned and sat down to join us. This devoted couple was only too happy to share their story. “We met at a Christmas party,” Betty explained, “we both worked for Zellers, but not the same location.” That didn’t matter though, company rules at the time didn’t allow them to date. “They said it’s work or the relationship and so I up and quit!” she said passionately. Wow, 53 years married and still going strong proves it was the right decision. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Here are to many more years together, lots of laughs and even more love!

Hello December ~

We believe that in December, more so than any other time of the year, this is what we all need ~ Pass it on

It's beginning to look a lot like winter at Civic Square

It's beginning to look a lot like winter at Civic Square with a fresh dusting of snow. Reminds us of a beautiful quote, "Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers" - Kahlil Gibran

Hubtown Life Moment ~ A Meaningful Hug

Sometimes we experience moments with beautiful people that we do not capture with a photograph. This is one of those moments... On Wednesday afternoon, we decided to take a walk to the Lotus Centre to say hello to the staff. As we made our way down Prince Street, we noticed a middle aged gentle soul walking towards us. There was something about this beautiful woman’s eyes that caught my eye – they looked teary. She noticed the lanyards we were wearing and said, “Hey ladies, who are you and what are you doing today?” As always, we were very happy to stop and chat, “We are just taking a walk to the Lotus Centre to say hello to the staff,” we replied. “Really? I go to the Lotus Centre quite often myself.” She told us. It was then we introduced ourselves and talked for another few moments where we found out that she grew up in Truro and has lived here all her life. We told her a bit about Hubtown Life and the difference we are trying to make. In keeping in that spirit, we asked, “So what inspires you every day?” After looking directly into my eyes for several seconds she replied, “Nothing inspires me…In fact, I am not even sure that life is worth living”. In that moment, I felt like a knife was jabbed into my heart. I felt her pain as my own. I quickly asked, “It looks like you could use a hug. Is it ok that I hug you?” Without any words spoken, we hugged on the sidewalk for about 30 seconds. After releasing the embrace, we continued chatting for another few moments. Before going our separate ways, I took out my notebook and wrote down our names and phone number and passed it to her. As we turned and began to walk away, I heard her voice say, “Thank you for the hug”, with a soft smile. Where ever, you are today gentle soul, we hope that you are feeling hopeful, and that you always remember the power of a meaningful hug. Hug someone today - pass it on

This way to a brand new experience

We are meeting so many wonderful people in Hubtown! What an amazing experience. Hope to meet you soon

Light a lamp for someone on this dreary day

If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.

Meet Blaine & Ron ~ Turkey wheel...What's a Turkey Wheel?

During our latest shopping trip, we spotted two fellows in matching red vests who were laughing and carrying on with folks standing next to a giant wheel with handmade numbers on it and a shiny emblem in the middle. TURKEY WHEEL, it said. You know what happened next...."Hi guys, what in the world is a Turkey Wheel?", we asked giggling. Blaine and Ron are with the Knights of Columbus and they were happy to explain that the wheel is used to raise funds for families in need. Ron said, "the money stays right here and is used for food donations and other projects in the area". We asked them why they became involved in volunteering - after all, they've both been doing it for 20 years! Blaine told us quite simply, "I do this because I believe in it - because it includes everybody regardless of who they are or what they believe in". He continued, "it's all about helping people in the community and that's who I am." With a big smile, Ron nodded his head in agreement. Thank you so much for chatting with us fellas. Next time we are in the area, we will stop by the famous Turkey Wheel to check our tickets and say hello. Until then, keep smiling...keep inspiring...and keep spinning that big wheel. Good luck!

Meet Barry ~ A Random Acts of Kindness doer for 20 years+

We were sitting in the food court at the Truro Mall enjoying our coffee and a lively conversation when a stranger walked up to our table, dropped a $10 bill on it, and then simply walked away! Shocked by this random act of kindness, we quickly asked our tattoo'd stranger, "hey, why did you just drop a $10 bill on our table and walk away?" He turned around with a friendly smile and replied, "you just looked like nice people so I thought you could buy yourselves another coffee with it." We knew there had to be more to the story, so we followed him to the coffee line-up and stood behind him. After introducing ourselves, we found out our stranger's name is Barry. He went on to tell us he and his wife, Charlotte, have been doing random acts of kindness for over 20 years! "Wow, that is amazing!" we said, "can we come talk to your wife too?" we asked excitedly. Barry replied, "sure, she is sitting right over there." After joining Charlotte at their table, we found out that this happily married couple live in Tatamagouche but visit Truro on a regular basis. "We love to do random acts of kindness...especially at this time of the year with Christmas around the corner," said Charlotte. She continued, "we make Thanksgiving dinner and deliver it to people in our community and bring homemade cookies to firefighters." We chatted for at least another 20 minutes before we hugged and parted ways. We left feeling inspired...feeling hopeful...and most of all, feeling grateful for such a beautiful encounter with beautiful people. Kindness ~ Pass it on

Meet Kerri ~ How a Simple Question Sparked an Interesting Chat

After entering the Rath Eastlink Community Centre (RECC), we made our way to the welcome desk where we were greeted by a very cheerful woman. Who knew that a simple question, “is the walking track closed?” would spark a very interesting meeting. In our brief 12 minute conversation, we learned that Kerri is from Musquodoboit Harbour, but now lives in Debert. She has worked in Truro at the RECC for the last three months, is a student paramedic, and is the proud owner of a 170 pound Great Dane! “Are dogs allowed on the walking track?” we asked. “No, they’re not…unless it is a service dog”, she replied. Looking like she had an interesting story to share, she continued, “however, we did have an event here a few months ago where we invited the public to bring their dogs for a swim in the pool!” At this point, I am sure we had very inquisitive looks on our faces. Kerri laughed and explained, “our crew was going to drain the pool for maintenance and we saw an opportunity to offer something quite unique to the public. So, we did it…which turned out to be quite a success.” Now that was definitely “outside the box” thinking….or should we say “out of the pool” thinking? Thank you for sharing a few minutes of your day with us Kerri. Next time we are around the RECC, we will pop by for another happy chat.

Meet Louise and Sadie ~ Life's Second Chances

One beautiful sunny day, we decided to take a walk through Victoria Park. As we strolled leisurely along the pathway beside the babbling stream, we spotted a lady walking her dog on the other side. We decided to cross the bridge to go speak with her. Our conversation, which began with a casual "hi, what a beautiful day!" turned into a 15 minute conversation with Louise who was a pleasure to talk to. We learned that she and her husband travel often from Stewiacke to Truro to go to the gym and on fine weather days, they go to the park and bring their dog Sadie along with them. "What a beautiful dog, have you had her long?" we asked. Louise shared Sadie's journey with us. "She is actually from Florida. My husband and I were down there on vacation with our previous dog who suddenly took sick and had to be put down. A few days later, we went to the Humane Society and adopted Sadie. That was 5 years ago." As she spoke, we felt the joy Sadie brings to her life. I think Sadie could sense it too. Here's to second chances, companionship, and life's little moments

Meet Tara ~ Lobster Lover who Loves Scenic Drives

With her welcoming positive energy, Tara was so easy to approach to strike up a conversation. Within a few moments, we learned many interesting things about her. For one, she has a twin sister! “Wow, does your twin sister live in Truro?” we asked. “No, she actually lives in Pictou with me and my Mom.” She continued, “I am originally from Ontario and my sister and my Mom both moved to Nova Scotia this summer and we all bought a house together in Pictou”. Though Tara recently made her home in Pictou, her job is right here in downtown Truro. And even though she's already on the road a lot for work, she says she hops in the car every chance she gets and heads out for scenic drives around Atlantic Canada. This bright and bubbly commuter was happy to share that her passion is food. She says her favourite wine is white and she is "highly motivated by lobster suppers!" Thanks for sharing a few moments of your day with us Tara. Here’s to scenic drives, lobster suppers and road trip adventures – Cheers!

Meet Janelle, Simon and Zoey ~ Romance at the Dog Park

On a recent outing the to Lorne Street Dog Park, we met this lovely couple with their cute puppy, Zoey. "How often do you come to the Dog Park?", we asked. "Everyday", said Janelle. "Sometimes twice a day if Zoey is full of energy before we go to work," added Simon smiling. "We also love the Dog Park because it is completely fenced in and we don't have to worry about Zoey when she is playing with her fur friends", added Janelle. We chatted for another few minutes before wishing them a fabulous day and parting ways. Before heading out, we decided to sit on the picnic table to just relax for a few moments. It was then we noticed Janelle and Simon casually strolling around the walking path hand in hand. They looked relaxed, happy and just enjoying their blissful moment. Isn't life really all about our moments? Even at the Dog Park

Meet Ashley ~ Local History is her Passion

While strolling around the Civic Square area one cold and windy day, we decided to stop into the Colchester Historeum to chat with the folks to find out what they are passionate about. We soon found ourselves sitting in a cozy little office with high ceilings chatting with Ashley, the Museum's Archivist. She told us that she has always had a passion for Colchester and area history since she grew up in Tatamagouche and Truro. She handles all the 2 dimensional items such as paper and photographs. She also loves research! "Did you go to university to become an Archivist?" we asked. "It's kind of a long story", she giggled. "I have an undergrad in Visual Arts with a Bachelor in Fine Arts...then went back for a double major in Art History. I also did a year long practicum at the National Gallery of Canada." To that all we could say was, "Wow, you do love history!" Keep living your passion Ashley. We believe it is easier to know where you are going when you know where you've been. Here is to remembering the past, living in the present and dreaming of the future.

Meet Steve and Lily ~

Running into Steve and his rescue dog, Lily, on Inglis Place last week was inevitable it seems. He and his fur buddy visit the local shops often and while Steve stops and chats, Lily enjoys handfuls of treats. "Most of the people in town know us," he laughs, adding, "well most of the older folks anyway!" Steve is a long-haul furniture mover who has lived his whole life in Truro and when we asked what he's seen around that excites him most, he quickly replied, "all those empty stores have filled right up - and we need even more people to fill the rest." If she could talk, we're sure Lily would agree. After all, more people to visit means more treats, right?

Meet Lily ~ Historical fashion is her passion

During our recent visit to the Colchester Historeum we met Lily. After chatting with her for several minutes, we discovered that she is from Truro and studied in Scotland and New Brunswick to be trained as a Fashion Historian. How interesting! "What excites you?" we asked. Glowing with a wide smile she replied, "Can I show you?" Intrigued, we said, "Yes, of course!" We walked down the hall and entered an exhibit area where Lily proudly showed us a brown wedding dress on display....yes, not white, but a brown wedding dress! She told us that white wedding dresses started in the Victorian period with Queen Victoria. However, before that time most wedding dresses were brown, cream, gray or black. A stark contrast to the quite blinged out 1920's formal attire displayed to it. Thank you Lily for sharing some of your knowledge and time with us. We will definitely be back.

Meet Karyn, Taylor, and Taylor’s sweet son, Keanu ~ Special Friendship Continues Despite the Miles

It’s always a delight when we happen upon a couple chums doing what good chums do - hanging out and having a great time just being together. And didn’t they have the cutest little fella with them! We chatted with this lovely trio in Victoria Park last week. Karyn is the only Truronian of the trio and has been friends with Taylor since they first met in university 12 years ago. Though these gal pals live hours apart since Taylor lives in New Brunswick, they make sure to visit one another often. Taylor says this allows their kids to grow up together just like family and Karyn's daughter is now old enough to babysit Keanu. Though we only spent a few minutes chatting with the two caring moms, we knew right away their cherished friendship was going to last forever and be celebrated by their children and their children’s children for generations to come. And that's a beautiful thing

Meet Debbie ~ “Just Breathe”

We first spotted Debbie through the windshield of our car in the Victoria Park lot as soon as we arrived. She was blissfully leaning against the Ross Monument absorbing the warmth of the late morning sun. We just had to speak to her. Debbie has been a resident of Truro for several years and is currently active in the healthcare field. This gentle, reflective soul says she has always been the type of person that just wants to help people, but makes sure to take time for herself as well. “That’s where I find my joy,” she said with a soft smile, “helping other people and not working in an office.” Thank you for sharing your inner sunshine with us, Debbie - Namaste

Meet George, Hector & Tim ~ It's all about comradery

While out and about last week, we came across this group of fellows enjoying a spirited game of tennis. They looked like they were having so much fun that we decided we had to chat with them. They told us that it has been close to 20 years since a group of men have been getting together to play at the Truro Tennis Club. "Why do you do this?", we asked. "It's great exercise and great comradery." they told us. "We play 5 days per week, weather permitting," said Tim. "Or until the snow flies," added Hector laughing. With the cold weather descending upon us we suspect there won't be too many more matches this season. The fellows will hang up their rackets until the spring. However, something tells us they will be getting together many times before then. The season may end but the comradery will continue.

Meet Kelly ~ Helping people is her passion

Born and raised in Truro, Kelly has been part of the community all her life. "Have you every felt the need to leave Truro?" we asked. She replied with a smile, "All my family and friends are here...I got married here...had my kids here. I have everything I need here, so I have never felt the need to leave." Kelly has been working in the Mental Health field for 15 years. She told us that she could not imagine doing anything else which we easily believed as she emits such a warm, caring, nurturing energy. She is currently facilitating a "Girls Circle - Building Confidence" for Grade 4 students at the Truro Elementary School in partnership the the Lotus Centre where she works. "It is so rewarding and the response has been great. In fact, we are going to offer the program to Grade 5 girls next year and maybe junior high students," she said passionately. How fitting that she is standing beside this beautiful painting which says, "I am enough....Strength". We are all enough

Meet Cathy ~ Future Author

Being one of the most vivacious people on the planet and not one to hold her tongue, it came as no surprise when Cathy told us her favourite superhero is Wonder Woman. "Why Wonder Woman?" we asked. She instantly replied, "because she's strong and she's a woman....and she has the best boobs!" It was then laughter broke out among us. Cathy describes herself as an aspiring author who has writing a book on her bucket list. "It'll be based on life" she laughed, "You know, sad but funny." Well, now that is definitely a story we want to read!

Meet Allison, Katie and Tango - Dog Lovers

We met these dog lovers at the Dog Park on Lorne Street in Truro last week. We watched Tango play with a few other dogs and were amazed at how well they all played together. Also amazing is that Katie and Allison seemed to know all of the dogs by name! "There are a lot of people who come everyday, so after awhile you start to recognize all the dogs. If we see one of these dogs outside of the dog park, we usually recognize them first before the owner", she laughed. One thing we learned is that this is a special place in our community for dogs and their owners to connect. Life is all about connection - it's a wonderful thing

Meet Mike - A Local Volunteer

Upon entering the doors of the Colchester Historeum, we were greeted with a smile from a friendly fellow attending the front desk. Mike has been volunteering at the Historeum since 2006 after moving to the Truro area in 2004. "I was born in Ontario in an army base that no longer exists. I moved a lot coming from a military family." he said. "I started working in the archive department going through the local newspapers documenting birth, deaths and marriages from 1920 to 1960" he added. For the last few months, he has been working the front desk and enjoys it. You know what else Mike enjoys? A great game of canasta! He organizes and plays with a group of fellow card lovers every week. Good luck on your next game Mike!

Three friends, One passion...

With Victoria Park's glowing, golden leaves fluttering in the background, Robin, Kathy and Linda of the Truro Tennis Club spend their morning playing their favourite sport. They not only love the sport, but they love spending time outside, get great exercise, meet people and have a lot of fun. This trio have been playing tennis from 2.5 to 5 years. "Folks can certainly be competitive from time to time, the real energy goes into being co-operative. It is a sport for all ages from pre-schoolers to seniors." said Kathy to which Robin and Linda agreed. What an inspiring (and energetic) way to start the day! Play on Ladies, Play on!

Meet Craig

We almost passed this fellow by because he looked super busy, but thank goodness we decided to turn around and take a chance. Craig, a fairly new resident of Truro, is a top-notch window washer and school bus driver whose favourite local spot is Victoria Park. He and his wife moved here not only because it’s a beautiful place to be, but because they fell in love with the people. He’s enthusiastic about all the non-profit community activity in the neighbourhood and does his share to help out by keeping the Colchester Food Bank’s windows sparkling. Craig believes “we definitely need to get even more people here - this area really is a hub and it’s growing.” What an outstanding guy - shine on, Craig!

Meet Monique!

Strolling Truro's downtown district on a gorgeous, late Autumn afternoon, we happened upon a mouse. A giant mouse......In a polka dot dress. We just had to catch her! Our mouse turned out to be a delightful VON named Monique. She explained that though the VON is usually involved in taking care of seniors, they recognized "there was a need for a place for younger adults to go so we opened our doors once a week and do a special day just for them - and today is our Halloween Party!" She added, "that's what these programs are all about - getting out, living life and having fun." We couldn't agree more Minnie....oops, Monique! Happy Halloween Everyone!

Meet Joan & Hughie: Local Volunteers

This duo represents only two of the many volunteers of the Truro Homeless Outreach Society’s Hub House making a difference in our community. “Donations are an important part for us to be able to help as many people in need as possible. We are grateful to live in such a giving community.” said Joan to which Hughie agreed. When Society puts a call out for specific donations needed, the community generously answers. Now, that is Community Spirit - Thank you!

Meet Kim

We asked, "What is your passion?" Her answer, "Antiques!" This lovely woman has had this passion for over 10 years. She used to have a storefront on Prince Street at one time, but now sells online. She has been living in her Truro home with the babbling brook behind it for 22 years and still loves it and the Town. She added, "I love the freedom of online shopping and selling. It gives me more time to spend with my family". And, isn't that what life is all about?

Meet Anne-Elizabeth ~ A Good Samaritan

While walking down Prince Street, we came across this lovely lady standing on the sidewalk who looked like she was waiting for something or someone. So, we just had to ask, "Are you waiting for something or someone?" And she replied, "Yes, I am. Do you see that fairly thick cable wire hanging from that banner strung across the street? I called the Truro Police Service to advise them of my safety concerns and I am waiting for help to arrive". All we could say to that was, "WOW! You are a Good Samaritan, Thank You! Not many people would have taken the time to do that." Her humble reply, "I would have felt terrible to hear news that someone got hurt and maybe my phone call could have prevented it". Now, that is Community Caring

Meet Jack, Holga and Henri on their First Trip to Victoria Park!

This Halifax area couple sure enjoyed their first visit to Victoria Park. “Wow, we cannot believe how beautiful this park is. The fall foliage is just spectacular.” said Jack. “It is our first time here and we are amazed at how well-groomed the trails and walking paths are. And Henri is just loving it too!” added Holga. It may have been their first visit, but something tells us it will not be their last

Meet Harold & Trudy ~

We recently met this lovely couple in Victoria Park on a crisp sunny morning. In addition to walking in the Park almost every day, this Truro Heights couple really enjoy going to the Truro Junior ‘A’ Bearcats games. "We love to support our local team", said Harold. "We wish more people would attend the home games too" added Trudy. If you go to a game and see them, be sure to say hello. Go Bearcats Go!

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